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Who we are

WolfeWare was founded by Philip Wolfe, a pioneer of the renewable energy industry in the UK and internationally, to provide advisory and consultancy services in energy and related sectors.


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WolfeWare was established in 2003 to pursue a variety of business interests of Philip and Alison Wolfe, who have been in renewable energy for most of their working lives. They live in a house which is heated entirely by renewables and generates part of its own electricity.

Philip Wolfe is a pioneer of the renewable energy sector, which he entered in 1975. He was closely involved in promoting renewable electricity and heat tariffs.

WolfeWare's principal activities are summarised here and detailed further through the tabs above and links on the left.

  • Renewable energy development

is handled through separate companies dealing with business and consumer customers.



In addition to his non-executive directorships, Philip Wolfe serves on steering and advisory committees, mainly in the energy sector.

WolfeWare provides consultancy services, principally in investment analysis and strategic business development related to the sustainable energy sector.

Philip Wolfe also writes for various publications and participates in conferences and seminars in the UK and internationally.


WolfeWare undertakes property development on behalf of its shareholders. This typically involves refurbishing older properties in South Oxfordshire and upgrading their energy ratings.



WolfeWare has developed business software systems. There is no new activity in this division at present.


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