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Philip Wolfe MA FRSA FEI has over 30 years experience and an international reputation in the renewable energy industry.

A first class Cambridge engineering graduate, Philip has broad management and marketing experience in various manufacturing and engineering industries. His career started in export marketing and international logistics with Tube Investments, Raleigh Bicycles and Lucas Industries. He led Lucas's solar business from the mid 70's and then negotiated their joint venture with BP, becoming the first Chief Executive of what is now BP Solar.

In the early 1980ís Philip Wolfe left to lead a small group of private investors in setting up Intersolar Group. He was Chairman and Chief Executive while it expanded its business from industrial systems engineering into product marketing and thin film solar cell manufacturing. From 1993 to 2002 the Group was the sole UK manufacturer of photovoltaic cells.

Since the establishment of WolfeWare in 2003, Philip Wolfe has been involved in its wide range of activities. This included an executive role in the Renewable Energy Association, serving as its Director General from 2003 to June 2009, leading on policy development during a period of dynamic change. In 2009 he founded Ownergy Plc to provide renewable energy systems for businesses and householders under the new Renewable Energy Tariffs.

He has served on the Board of Directors of other European and British renewable energy associations, and on bodies advising ministers, the European Commission and the British Government. He has many publications on the application of renewable energy technologies and has lectured at universities, presented at conferences worldwide and featured on television and radio.

Philip Wolfe has four grown-up children. He plays tennis, enjoys skiing and sailing, now only watches rugby. His home (where the WolfeWare office is also located) is powered by renewable heating and power generation.

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Alison Wolfe started in the renewable energy industry in the mid 1980's when she joined Solapak Ltd. She had previously been awarded a degree in business studies and worked in project management for John Brown Engineering in Glasgow.

During her time at Solapak she progressed into Contract Management supplying engineered photovoltaic systems to professional customers mainly for use in the Middle East, Africa and South America. Alison managed the division handling sales for telecommunications. After a four-year break to bring up her two children, now in their teens, she returned to this post and then moved on to manage the government-supported R&D projects for Solapak's parent company Intersolar Group.

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