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WolfeWare’s founders have been in the centre of the development of the market for utility-scale photovoltaic power generation in the UK and worldwide. Philip Wolfe wrote the first book on the topic, founded the leading information provider and advises on projects and the market.

What are solar parks?

Solar parks (also called solar farms and solar ranches) are large scale, usually ground-mounted, solar generating stations designed to feed power into the utility grid, as further described here.

Though the first such installations date back to the 1980’s the majority of utility-scale generation has been installed in this century as described in this outline history.

Our experience in utility-scale solar projects

WolfeWare and its people have been involved in commercial and community-owned solar parks since the earliest applications as further described here.


(When we refer to our experience and involvement here and elsewhere in the website, this refers not only to activities within WolfeWare but also its associates, such as Wiki-Solar and Feed-in Tariffs Ltd, and predecessor organisations, such as BP Solar, Intersolar Group and Ownergy Plc.)

What we do for solar parks owners, developers and participants

WolfeWare offers a variety of support services to the utility-scale solar development industry, primarily in the following areas:

  • Project development; including site assessment, solar-specific inputs for planning applications, due diligence and template legal contracts
  • Financing support; advisory and due diligence for prospective finance providers
  • Partnership services; introductory activities between IPPs, project developers, land-owners; EPC and O&M contractors, solar module and inverter suppliers and other service providers
  • Asset management; monitoring and supervision of completed solar parks and oversight of Operations & Maintenance services
  • Information provision; data on international utility-scale solar projects, and assessment services based on this information
  • Software; analysis and control software in support of the above services

These services are described in further detail here. Please just email us with your phone or contact details if you want to discuss this further.

Information and publications on solar projects

Our experience in the sector also extends to a range of publications and information sources in the sector. These include:

  • The first book on utility-scale solar power stations

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